2023-Sep-04 Why I write commit messages
2023-Aug-28 Extending use-package's :bind to support evil and keymaps
2023-Aug-25 Preventing checkbox inheritance in org-mode
2023-Aug-09 Auto-show latest heading state in org-mode links
2023-Aug-05 Firefox extension updates, thoughts on ChatGPT
2021-Nov-12 Reorganising my encrypted partitions and backups
2021-Jun-18 Capturing screenshots and recordings with exwm
2021-May-08 A fun problem with fzf-tab-completion and echo
2021-May-05 Upgrading to Emacs 28.0 for native compilation
2021-Apr-07 A philosophy of software design - John Ousterhout
2021-Jan-31 Filtering Django querysets without re-querying the database
2021-Jan-24 Questions about AWS Transfer
2020-Jun-27 Building a Firefox extension to highlight text
2020-May-23 Setting defaults for xdg-open
2020-Apr-26 Getting started with lsp-mode for Python
2020-Mar-05 Some Emacs Lisp exercises
2020-Mar-03 More Emacs fuzzy integrations
2020-Feb-25 Emacs as a fuzzy launcher and Alfred-replacement
2020-Jan-28 Adding undo/redo to kilo (and debugging memory usage)
2020-Jan-28 Undo/redo implementations in text editors
2020-Jan-22 Build your own text editor
2019-Jul-21 pytest-it: a pytest plugin for BDD test specs
2019-Apr-13 Upgrading the main disk on a Thinkpad T450s
2019-Mar-03 Using the system clipboard in tmux, Emacs and Vim